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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is one of the most pocket-friendly and target- specified forms of marketing technique on the internet today. These ads are for your business or website appears through leading advertising platforms like Google Adwords and AdSense.

The main advantage of Google Pay Per Click Advertising, or PPC, is that you only pay for results when someone actually clicks the ad and visits your website unlike impression based or traditional ads where you end up paying when people just see the advertisement.

Benefits of a Branding Campaign/ Google PPC Advertising

Google PPC advertising by Yellow Mumbai Digital Marketing Agency is the ultimate technique of internet advertising that aims to improve your visibility online as well as increase maximum traffic to your website. The success of this advertising technique strongly depends on precision targeting that we deploy. Our experienced team members not only study the current market situation and potential customers but also manage to place the ads where the potential users most likely see them. Many factors are also taken into consideration like language, location and internet usage of potential users.

PPC Return on Investment is also important as well as easy to keep a track on. We provide easy solutions that allow you to monitor a customer, right from clicking an ad to the point where a sale is made. We keep a tab on the effectiveness of the campaign by making sure that the right advertisement reaches the right audience. 

Google PPC is a pocket-friendly marketing solution that allows us to tailor our campaigns to your budget. We try our level best that you don’t have to pay an extra penny after the budget is decided and allocated for a campaign. The ROI remains high compared to other forms of marketing because you only pay when potential people visit your website. As the top SEO Company in Mumbai, Yellow Mumbai has the best expertise, experience, and talents to build the perfect PPC campaign for your business and attract potential traffic to your website.

Best Facebook PPC Advertising Company/Agency in Mumbai

Facebook is the undisputed king of the social media business these days. Over 1.23 billion users in the world, Facebook boasts of a wider reach and has become a very crucial factor in changing the dynamics of the digital marketing world. PPC marketing in Facebook Advertising has some specific advantages over Google AdSense. The target audience is young and more connected on Facebook. You can easily target your campaign to very specific demographic sets. The platform also allows you to monitor opinion, comments and conversations with regards to your ad campaign thereby allowing you to make changes on the feedback received.

Yellow Mumbai is the best SEO company in Mumbai to carry out the perfect Facebook PPC marketing campaign that is specifically designed for your business. Our technical team and marketing executives have the technical spark and knowledge to deliver an advanced campaign that will not only reach your target audience but also convert impressions into profitable sales. We keep an eye on your Facebook page in order to optimize the advertising content with your social media efforts. 

Apart from providing quality PPC marketing services, we are also concerned with providing the right budget. We make sure that our marketing strategy leaves a lasting impression on your business. Our aim is to provide the best ROI with the best level of marketing results. Outsourcing Facebook PPC advertising to Yellow Mumbai will be the perfect way to promote your business in this oceanic market.

Our PPC Services

  • Search Engine Marketing


We design and execute ad campaigns for your business on search engines like Google to get that quality traffic from users who are actively looking for your products or services.


  • Display Advertising


We create and design banners for your business/company and ensure that it’s displayed to the relevant audiences across the internet at the lowest cost possible with high volumes of traffic.


  • Mobile Marketing


Ad banners can only on be shown on relevant websites and apps on mobile devices. This is specific to companies that want to make mobile-specific services or products.


  • Video Advertisements


We provide an engaging form of video ads that create an effective brand recall to your business and website.


  • Shopping Ads


Shopping ads are specially developed for e-commerce websites that aim to compete with big players in the market. Shopping ads help with high brand exposure for your product or services.


  • Remarketing Ads


Remarketing ads are directed towards customers or users who frequently visit your website through various acquisition channels. It is one of the best marketing strategies for creating a marketing funnel that leads to conversion and results in back to back purchases possible.

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